It has been 9 years since I embarked on the journey of music with Teacher Sriram. I feel extremely happy and contended to have been given a chance to enhance myself with the skills of playing the violin.

It is truly a magical journey to be under the guidance and tutelage of Teacher Sriram. Carnatic music has helped me face challenges in my daily life as it has always given me inner peace and increased my ability to concentrate in academics.

Suvashyree Rajagopal

16 years old

I have been learning violin for the past 4 years. Learning the violin has played a huge role in my music journey as it allows me to fuse Carnatic Music with Contemporary Music.

A goal in my music journey is to be able to correlate all my instruments together and I feel that violin has played an important role in this journey.

I will be starting my IGSCE’s next year and have taken up music as one of my 9 subjects. In our syllabus, we must learn about Carnatic Music. Due to my exposure through violin classes over the past years, my knowledge of raga’s, tala’s, shruti and swara’s has helped me with the understanding and composition in my class.

Harishni Sivanasen

14 Years old

I have been learning Violin for past one year in Dakshra Fine Arts under the guidance Teacher Alengendra. Playing violin gives me happiness and feel very proud of myself that now I am able to play Geetham.

I was not confident at the beginning but now I can’t stop learning violin. Learning music also has helped in my education where I can be more focused and concentration level has improved.

Thank you to my teachers for trusting me and for all the continues encouragement given.

Dakshayani Chandramohan

8 Years old

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