The Carnatic Violin

The Carnatic Violin or also known as the Indian Violin is one of the most mysterious and celestial of sounds. Similar to the western violin, the Carnatic Violin is a four stringed instrument played with a bow and produces nearly limitless varieties on its fretless fingerboard.


Forbearance is the capacity to endure hardship or inconvenience without complaint or protest. Learning the Carnatic Violin requires patience, self-control, restraint and tolerance. As a learner, educator and a performer, developing forbearance allows one to witness the freedom in the celestial sounds of The Carnatic Violin.

Forbearance @ The Carnatic Violin

Forbearance @ The Carnatic Violin is a humble theme in which Sriram and his team envisions the propagation of this divine art via both performances and music classes.

Thank you for your love for music and with His grace, we look forward to nourish each other’s life via Forebearance @ The Carnatic Violin

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything – Plato