Teachers Profile

Alagendra Mahendra

Alagendra Mahendra, a disciple of Sheshadri Sriram, has been learning the violin since he was eight. . His musical journey began at the age of 4 where he learnt vocals from the Late Vijayalaksmi Kulaveerasingam. His musical journey began in the Western classical field until the age of 12.

He then moved on to the Carnatic field at the age of 14. He has also been singing Thevarams since the age of 13 and has won various competitions hosted by the Malaysia Hindu Sangam.

He has completed his Bachelor’s of Law in 2017.

Being a senior student, Alagendra has been provided with the opportunity by his master to share his love of the Carnatic music through teaching as well as performing on various occasions. He has accompanied various vocalists in vocal recitals and has performed in various dance recitals, such as Salangai Poojai  in the Klang Valley as well as other States. He is very grateful for the support and guidance that is given to him and aspires to bloom into a fine musician like his master.