Teachers Profile

Lavendra Mahendra

Lavendra Mahendra, a disciple of Sheshadri Sriram, started learning the violin at the age of 6. His journey in learning music began with the western classical music. He moved on to learn the Carnatic Violin from the age of 12.

Asides the violin, Lavendra had already commenced vocal training at the tender age of 2 under the guidance of the late Guru Vijayalakshmi Kulaveerasingam. He has also been singing Thevarams and has been an active participant in the various competitions hosted by the Malaysian Hindu Sangam.

Over the years, his passion for the Carnatic violin has grown, and to constantly challenge himself, he has committed to this artform by taking on the responsibility of teaching budding violinists. Being the resident violinist at Sugam Karnatika (An instituition for Indian Fine Arts), he has been accompanying the vocal students in their monthly performances.

Lavendra is currently pursuing his Bachelors of Law.